Acrylic BOLD NanoPOWER

BOLD NanoPOWER Acrylic with active antiviral action is the latest BOLD’s innovation. A product with a Brazilian technology, that hits the market as an important agent in the fight against the coronavirus. It is an acrylic with a technology capable to eliminate 99% of the viruses* in contact with its surface in only 30 seconds, including the CCov, a virus from the same family than Sars-Cov-2. Its properties guarantee that the antiviral action remains active even with the years, with no expiration date.

The characteristics are close to the conventional acrylic, with a high transparency level and still permitting the same beneficiation processes, such as cutting, bending, machining and molding, without prejudice the protection properties.

* Tests performed with CCov (same family as Sars-Cov-2).
** Patent applied.



How does it work?

During the manufacturing process, the acrylic receives an additive composed of Nanoparticulate copper, that works as a perfect magnet to the viruses, breaking the bilipid layer and inactivating the viral action. Only 30 seconds are necessary for the virus to be disintegrated in the BOLD NanoPOWER sheet and stop offering risk to other people who touch the material. The product was developed in partnership with the startup TNS Nanotechnology, based in Florianópolis, Brazil, which already operates in partnership with other sectors developing antiviral nanoparticles additives.


Acrylic BOLD NanoPOWER’s potential goes far beyond the Coronavirus pandemic and can used in any segment. Medical-hospital, dental, laboratory, products for babies, in addition to the food sector, both in industry and in bars and restaurants. Acrylic with antiviral action came to stay.


PERMANENT ANTIVIRAL action lasting as long as the acrylic
The antiviral action does not end with time and remains active as long as the piece of acrylic exists. The cause is the additive that is mixed in its entire composition, not only in the surface.

TRANSPARENCY and light transmittance
The nanoparticles added to the acrylic are imperceptible. The transparency and the light transmittance.

CUTTING, BENDING, bonding, machining and molding
The homogeneous distribution of nanoparticles throughout the sheet allows it to be cut, folded, molded, glued or machined without losing the virucidal action. Minor changes in appearance can occur specifically where the heating folds.

Bold’s distinctive quality

  • We are Manufacturers of Acrylic Sheets;
  • We develop your custom color;
  • International quality standard. Less variation in thickness and cut finish;
  • Maximum thickness variation: +- 10%
  • Finish with gloss in laser cutting;
  • Stock for prompt delivery
  • 10-year warranty against yellowing;
  • Specialized technical support;
  • Sale of patches in the most varied colors and sizes;
  • No minimum purchase order

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