Ethics and Compliance

Below are Bold Ethics and Compliance documents for download:

Through these documents, Bold presents the expected conduct of employees, managers and administrators in the exercise of activities, in all Bold units around the world.

Ethical and integrity conduct must be the basis of all our actions and our Code of Conduct and Good Practices expresses the fundamental principles and guides our team in some matters of our routine. The Ethics Committee was formed with the aim of disseminating and ensuring the application of these principles. In case of doubt, we recommend an email to

Additionally, Bold encourages the application of the Code of Conduct and Good Practices guidelines by other interested parties: suppliers; service providers; commercial representatives/distributors; resellers and technical assistants; customers; community; government.

We have established the Whistleblower Channel so that any violations of this Code that you become aware of are reported immediately.

The information provided will be kept confidential, except in situations where Bold has a legal obligation to inform government agencies and authorities.

Bold will not tolerate any retaliation or reprisal against a person who, in good faith, reports violations or suspected violations of this code.

The registered complaints will be investigated by the Ethics Committee with due confidentiality and objectivity.






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