Iluminated Signs

Lighting with elegance to attract the attention of your audience.

Enlightenment itself already catches our eye – something colorful and beautiful will draw much more. It is very common for companies to put bright in their projects so that the brand name or product gets more prominence. Acrylic Luminous sign not only ensures visual beauty, but also durability and quality – all with a modern finish and soft, perfect lighting to fit your projects.


High quality lighting


More highlight in the decoration


Made of lightweight and durable materials


Highly customizable

Wall Signs that win highlight in the room

Wall Luminous signs catch the eye of people who travel in the same environment because of its beauty and portability. It can be customized to your needs, with UV printing ensuring that text and image are extremely sharp, with a power button or direct wall outlet. LED lighting is bi-volt and heat-free, made with lightweight and durable acrylic material to decorate environments such as bars, pubs, restaurants, kitchens, among others.

Counter Signs that inform accurately

The Counter Luminous signs are highly customizable, made of highly durable acrylic material combined with the elegance that the LED light brings to the piece with on / off button. To meet customer needs, they can have ultra-sharp UV prints to decorate the acrylic with images and short phrases. Ideal as a decoration item in points of sale, bars, pubs, restaurants.

Floor Signs that stimulate public interest

The Floor Luminous signs, due to their size, give even more prominence where they are, being visible from anywhere in the environment. By having great prominence and elegance, it attracts much more customer attention, arousing their interest in the product. It has varying levels of customization, with added technologies such as digital printing, folding and laser cutting.

Overhead Signs that are adorted decorative items

Overhead Lights are outstanding when it comes to decorative lighting. Customizable formats according to customer requirements, overhead lighting makes the environment more cozy and pleasant, and can decorate all types of room. Made with highly durable materials such as acrylic and aluminum, they give long life to your project.

Back light: visual highlight for your room

Back light: visual highlight for your room

Back Lights, also called backlit panels, they have internal lighting with LED lamps, with acrylic normally applied to the face of the unit. Back Lights provide good visibility and a visual highlight that enhances the colors of the material to capture the audience’s attention. They have a variety of formats and customizations, typically used in stores, display of promotional messages, emergency signs, and other places with high flow of people.

Fishing type swiveling light fixture – doesn’t stop turning!

The fishing type swiveling light fixture a kind of wall-mounted light fixture with an acrylic panel suspended at its tip, like the hook of a fishing rod. The panel has an “endless” rotating system and is illuminated by LEDs, ensuring great visual impact and bringing modernity to the environment.

Sequential lighting: moving technology

Sequential lighting: moving technology

Sequential lighting Panels have internal circuits that cause a series of lamps or LEDs to light in sequence, that is, giving a movement effect to the displayed material, controlled by a programmable microcontroller board. According to your creativity, it can be used as party lighting, showcase decoration, illuminated signs, emergency systems, among others.

Disappear technology enhances wall lights

Panels with Disappear technology are applied to wall lights using gradually moving still images – a movement made through a programmable microcontroller board. With LED lighting, it is a technological unit that contributes to the valuation of the POS as a whole. The possibilities of customizing a panel with Disappear system vary according to the customer’s wishes.






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