Just as important as the machinery itself, equipment protection is essential to the proper functioning and durability of the part – protective items such as doors, frames, fairings, and displays work together to optimize the overall machine structure. In constant technological evolution, the machines call for good care and excellent regular maintenance.

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The enclosure solution can be done on machines to isolate the areas where employees circulate.

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Serviço de alta versatilidade e qualidade de imagem.

Serviço de alta precisão, versatilidade e velocidade.

Serviço de confecção com ótima qualidade de acabamento.

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Beauty and quality for your product.

A new lighting option.


Bringing life to your visual communication.

More strength and cost-saving in your project.

Strength and transparency for any project.

High Performance of the best quality


Lower weight combined with high chemical resistance.

Excellent chemical resistance and impermeability

Dimensional stability combined with optimum strength.

Low cost and high strength in its applications.

Chemical resistance with low adhesion

Resistance and durability in the most diverse applications.

Developed with expertise serving the market with quality and punctuality.

More strength and visual impact for your project.

Design and shape that highlights any work

Resistant and guaranteed

Transparency, strength and quality for any project

Lightness, safety and quality for your project.

Accuracy and quality for your project






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