Boxes, Urns and Buckets

Organization and practicality for your daily life.

Made of high quality materials and great workmanship, they are useful for different purposes. The versatility of the boxes allows them to be used for organizing personal items, office paperwork, jewelry and medicine – both in your home, in your shop, in your beauty salon, and more. On the other hand, acrylic ballot boxes can be applied in sweepstakes for coupons, suggestion box and money collection at wedding parties, graduations and birthdays.


High level of customization


More day to day organization


Application in various environments


Lockable urn with hinges


Dispenser is a box format used for organizing various types of products, such as disposable materials, and being made of non-toxic material, it can also contain varied foods and keep their properties preserved longer. It is customizable to your needs and can be divided into compartments and wall mounted.

Wall Niche

Acrylic Niches have a great finish and are great differentials to decorate and organize any environment. It can be used to store books, picture frames and other personal items with great sophistication. They can also serve as shelves for the wall of bedrooms, kitchens, closets and offices.

Ice Buckets to glorify your product

Ice Buckets to glorify your product

To conserve cold drinks, the Acrylic Ice Bucket has a smooth, high strength surface with no color and gloss changes – and with a high level of customization, including the addition of LED and printing technologies, giving it a touch of modernity for products left on ice and thriving at parties such as weddings, birthdays, graduations and other types of events.






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