To give highlight and information for products at points of sale.

Acrylic Displays are great elements for building the visual communication of your project, whether in points of sale, interiors of stores and companies, offices or other places. More durable than glass, they are customized for the purpose they will be used, with a variety of color and size options, and they may also contain applications through adhesives, UV printing, screen printing or laser engraving.


100% virgin acrylic or A-Acrylic (generic)


Applicable in various segments


Great finishing quality


High strength and durability

Table Displays that transmit your message

Table Displays are the ideal pieces for displaying posters, announcements, notices, giveaways and any type of desk communication at your counter. They are perfect for indoor use, with excellent durability and visibility of the applied poster or leaflet, usable in places such as shops, restaurants, markets, dealers, fairs, events, among others.

Wall Displays that enhance the room

Wall Displays are for displaying posters, announcements, notices, certificates, permits, licenses, offers and any communication between you and your customers or employees. Ideal for indoor use in stores of various segments, companies, restaurants, among other places – all with great workmanship and high strength.

Floor Displays that call attention

Floor Displays give more prominence to the featured material, making it even easier to read texts and images, and enhancing the exposure of the pieces. It can be tailored to meet the height requirements the material wishes to propose and customized with colors and lights. It’s a great visual communication solution for projects where you need to get your audience’s attention.






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