Acrylic Sheets have great optical, physical, mechanical and chemical properties, featuring versatility and adaptability in various types of application, offered in a wide variety of colors and compositions. Not all Acrylic Sheets are the same: one must take into account that they are manufactured differently, and the final product of each composition has its own characteristics.


Cast Acrylic Sheets can be colored or crystallized, with an easy molding that allows application in both internal and external places because it presents excellent brightness and high durability. Already Extruded Acrylic Sheets are cheaper, ideal for projects with short life. Another type is Mirrored Acrylic, which aims to replace glass in various projects.

Bold’s distinctive quality

  • We are Manufacturers of Acrylic Sheets;
  • We develop your custom color;
  • International quality standard. Less variation in thickness and cut finish;
  • Maximum thickness variation: +- 10%
  • Finish with gloss in laser cutting;
  • Larger stock for prompt delivery in Brazil;
  • 10-year warranty against yellowing;
  • Specialized technical support;
  • Sale of patches in the most varied colors and sizes;
  • No minimum purchase order






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