Business Policy

Bold’s logistics follow a rigorous process for order deadlines and order security to be effective. To learn about this process, we present our delivery and sales policy:

1. Order / Contract

Orders will be considered upon written confirmation by fac-simile or email. The customer should review the order confirmation and report any possible errors to Bold immediately and in writing. Otherwise, the product description contained in the order confirmation will become part of this contract and will be binding between the parties.

2. Price and Payment Term

The offered price is valid only for products in stock, subject to stock availability at the time of formal order confirmation. Payment shall be made under the conditions set out in the order confirmation. In case of late payment, late payment interest and penalty will be charged from the due date until the full payment.

3. Delivery / Shipping / Risk

Delivery time is subject to change upon order approval date. The place of delivery will be the one indicated on the order confirmation, which cannot be changed by the customer after the order confirmation, unless expressly agreed to by Bold.

Transportation and insurance expenses shall be allocated as indicated in the commercial proposal. Bold guarantees the availability of the goods in perfect condition in its warehouse when the incoterms are FOB and the delivery of the goods in perfect condition at the place indicated by the customer in the sales proposal, when the incoterms are CIF.

In the event of damage during transportation by a company hired by Bold, the damage will be borne by Bold. Bold is not responsible for damage incurred in the transportation of goods when the freight is hired by the customer, i.e. under FOB incoterms.

Any non acceptance of the goods by the customer after shipment shall be subject to Bold’s prior authorization, in which case Bold shall be entitled to revert to the customer the costs of transportation, storage and eventual compensation for product damage. For goods to be picked up by the customer from Bold’s warehouse, no matter if by own or hired carrier, the deadline shall be not later than 7 calendar days from the invoice date. After this deadline, a storage fee will be charged on the invoice amount.

4. Acceptance and Return

Returns will only be accepted, subject to Bold’s prior authorization, and for reasons of defective goods or goods not in accordance with the order. We shall not be responsible for any shade difference on products from different, fractional or future deliveries.

Return of goods damaged during transportation will only be accepted when the carrier is hired by Bold. The customer must inspect the goods at the time of delivery and if it is different from the ordered, he shall immediately notify Bold, so that the return can be authorized.

It is essential that reservations are written on the Bill of Lading, reporting the differences. A simple request for returning of goods does not suspend the collection of the bond; it will only be suspended after the approval of the return.

Until your approval is confirmed, payment of the bond will be required.

5. Order Cancellation

The cancellation of an approved order is subject to a written approval of Bold, in which case the customer shall bear all costs incurred, until the date of its completion.

Cancellations or returns on items processed, cut or purchased differently from the original form will not be accepted.

6. Warranties

Bold will repair or replace any defective product after examining, evaluating, and finding defects in the product. Bold owns any pieces being replaced and shall be entitled to charge them from the customer who does not return them. Bold does not guarantee or accept responsibility for:

1. (a) Damage caused by improper installation, unauthorized use, modification or repair by third parties or the customer himself;

2. b) Suitability of the product purchased by the customer for a particular purpose or use chosen by the customer.

7. Limit of Liability

Indemnity for any damages incurred by the customer shall be limited to the value of the purchased product.






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