Increasingly conquering nobler spaces in architecture, Polycarbonate has the advantage of being able to be cold bent in the work itself, allowing for enormous versatility in design and greater freedom of creation. Its technical characteristics such as safety, lightness, flexibility, thermo-acoustic insulation, high impact resistance and excellent translucency account for the good result that the product has been achieving in the market.


Compact Polycarbonate Sheets have transparency similar to glass, but 250 times stronger, highly recommended for projects that seek safety, quality and transparency. Alveolar Polycarbonate excels in applications that require natural light, as its composition allows for light, color and visual lightness to gain more space. Reflective Alveolar Polycarbonate offers greater ultraviolet protection and Polycarbonate Tiles ensure high impact resistance.


Compact Polycarbonate is commonly used in protective materials such as partitions, armor, shield, machine and instrument protection, visors and in the construction of facades and roofs. Alveolar and Reflective Alveolar are more commonly used in projects that offer natural light transmission such as walls, partitions, walkways, plates, tunnels, skylights, ceilings and roofs. Polycarbonate Tiles are great options to cover garages, swimming pools, gazebos, lanterns, among others.

Bold’s distinctive quality

  • Complete line of compact, alveolar sheets, tiles and accessories;
  • Wide portfolio of colors and thicknesses;
  • Larger stock for prompt delivery in Brazil;
  • Supply of bespoke plates, according to special works and projects;
  • Specialized technical support;
  • High quality standard. Sheets with real nominal thicknesses and within international standards of variation.
  • Compact sheets with thicknesses from 2mm to 12mm with UV protection;
  • 10-year warranty against yellowing;
  • No minimum purchase order






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