Portrait Frames

Items that hold warnings, moments and memories.

Acrylic Frames look great in any decor, both corporate and home. With them, you ensure more modernity and beauty to keep the chosen images longer, and gain a three-dimensional effect due to the contact of acrylic with the ambient light.


100% virgin acrylic


High quality finish


Differential image reproduction


More modernity for the room


The bulletin board is the ideal unit for those who need to expose important messages to the company’s employees. It is made by cutting the acrylic by laser, ensuring transparency for the material, which does not yellow or dry over time. It is also a highly customizable piece according to customer wishes.

Decorative Frames

Frames have a high degree of customization via digital printing and laser engraving to meet customer needs and desires – whether to decorate the most varied environments as well as to be used as a means of communicating news at the point of sale, featuring an acrylic Highly durable and resistant.

Bottle-Cap Holder

Bottle cap holders serve as a decoration in residential or logistical environments – an essential item for collectors looking for something different to store their caps and corks. Easy to use, the acrylic can be worked according to customer needs to meet their wishes.






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