Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics are part of an innovative and promising segment for the plastics processing industry. They are more stable resin materials in applications that require higher mechanical, thermal, chemical, tensile strength and weathering resistance. Therefore, in many cases they can efficiently replace materials such as steel, ceramic or metal – without lubrication and at a lower cost and weight.


Bold offers seven types of Engineering Plastics: UHMW plastic has the highest impact resistance of all known plastics, but also withstands chemical components very well; PTFE plastic is better known by the TEFLON brand, with low adhesion and excellent resistance to friction; Nylon replaces structural and construction metals due to their lightness and electrical insulation; Polyacetal (POM) is the best plastic for dimensional stability, maintaining its size even under varying environmental conditions; HDPE plastic is qualified as the best material for direct food contact; PP plastic is among the lowest weight and highest chemical resistance thermoplastics available; Finally PEEK plastic is suitable for projects that demand high performance.


UHMW plastic is capable of replacing metals such as steel, bronze and aluminum in equipment coatings and silos, sliding plates, couplings and gears. The non-stick PTFE plastic is ideal for industrial parts such as valves, gaskets, sealing rings, as well as pan and filament coatings for electrical components. Nylon is applicable in industrial parts such as gears, pulleys, threads and pulleys, among others. Polyacetal plastic is applied to high dimensional and / or small precision parts such as screws, valves, washers, bearings, bushings and fittings. HDPE plastic is ideal for the food industry, in household appliances, cutting counters and food preparation tables. PP plastic is applied to products such as laboratory desks, fiber industry molds, chemical tanks and pipelines, and orthopedic appliances. Finally, PEEK plastic is essential for high performance engines in the textile, automotive, air and space industries.






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