The LED Panel is the ideal product for those seeking sophisticated technology and design for general lighting. Quick and easy to install, it has a high degree of customization for various sizes and applications, with magnetic opening systems for easy media replacement. The workpiece LED modules are highly efficient, ensuring low light flux depreciation without warming up the environment. Ideal for use in offices, restaurants, shops and homes.


Cost effective




Easy installation


Great visual impact

Wall Panels that provide highlighting and admiration

LED Wall Panels catch the eye of people who circulate in the same environment because of their beauty and portability. LED lighting is bi-volt and produces no heat; They are made of lightweight and resistant acrylic material to decorate environments such as bars, pubs, restaurants, kitchens, among others. They can be customized to your needs, with UV printing, ensuring that text and image are extremely sharp.

Overhead Panels that bring modernity to the room

Hanging LED Panels are featured when it comes to decorative lighting. With customizable formats according to customer requirements, the suspended lighting makes the environment more cozy and pleasant, and can decorate all types of room. Made of highly durable materials such as acrylic and aluminum, it gives long life to your project.

Counter Top Panels that inform with great sharpness

Counter Top LED Panels are highly customizable, made of highly durable acrylic material coupled with the elegance that LED light brings to the piece, fitted with on / off switch. To meet customer needs, they can have ultra-sharp UV prints to decorate the acrylic with images and short phrases. Optimal as a decoration item at points of sale, bars, pubs, restaurants, among others.

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