Interactive Displays

Interactive Displays are increasingly present at points of sale, designed to bring the customer closer to the product or brand. Using the most diverse technologies, Interactive Displays are a great differentiator to increase the added value of the product / brand to the customer – and are highly customizable according to customer needs and desires.

Swivel Display

Swivel Display is a sort of interactive display quite common in stores in various segments, such as jewelry and optics, consisting of various applications on all sides of the material and allowing the customer to approach the product and rotate it himself. Its sturdy acrylic material allows for sequential handling without damaging the material.

Lenticular Display

Lenticular Printed Displays allow your campaign and your customers to interact through visual perception. Even if you don’t notice the product specifically, you will notice the movement that lenticular parts make in your peripheral vision, drawing attention to the material by creating three-dimensional effects on images.

Place & Learn – exclusive Nexmosphere technology display

Featuring BOLD’s unique Nexmosphere technology, the Place & Learn display is made of digitally printed acrylic. A promotional video is automatically started on screen when someone places the product on its base. This video can contain instructions for use, pricing information or more details about the merchandise – allowing a range of possibilities and make the selling process intuitive and highly informative.

Lift and Learn – a Bold exclusive technology product

Also featuring the exclusive Nexmosphere technology, the Lift & Learn display works upon customer interaction. When removing the product from its base, a promotional video is activated on the screen, containing any desired information or feature of the product being sold. It is a material that enhances the points of sale, providing new shopping experiences through audiovisual contents.

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