Recycled Acrylic is option for sustainable materials

Material 100% reciclável, é forte aliado na preservação do meio ambiente e economia circular do planeta.

Article published in the December/2019 edition of the Plastics Magazine, highlights the versatility of acrylic as a material that is easy to recycle.

Recycled acrylic is an excellent option for the market due to its high reuse rate. Recycled acrylic sheets have several properties similar to the original acrylic and the recovery process does not cause environmental risk. In addition, its value is around 20% lower than virgin sheets, making it an excellent choice for the industry seeking viable and sustainable options.

Every year, more than 1,200 tons of acrylic are recycled in Brazil, generating about 600 tons of ecological sheets.

All waste that is generated in the recycling of acrylic is reused as energy in blast furnaces and the raw material obtained in the process is fully used in the production of a new acrylic sheet.


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